entrepôt de stockage
- 5500 m2 of classified and non-classified warehouses on a site of almost 2 hectares.
- a storage site which complies with safety and environmental regulations.
- professional teams for the preparation of your orders for various products, materials, conditioned chemical products, paints, aerosols...
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- Loading and unloading facility

5 metre long platform serving all storage areas.

- Storage rationalization

5500 m2 divided into independent cells with an area of 500 to 1000 m², fitted with racks.

- Respect for the environment

Loading/Unloading areas and airtight cells.

- Computerized management

Ensures real time storage status and batch management which guarantees traceability.

- Capacity for Adaptation

Administrative management adapted to your own requirements and preparation of orders in response to current

Classified Warehouses
(with autorisation from the local authority)

designed to store conditioned chemical products, it has :
- 2 hr firewalls and firedoors,
- a fire, gas and intrusion detection system.

Teams responsible for warehouse organisation are trained in :
- the storage of dangerous materials
- transport legislation (A.D.R.).